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In the beginning, there were two breweries in Utah: Wasatch Brewery and Squatters Craft Beers. And by “beginning” we mean the 1980’s.


First Brew Pub in Utah

In 1986, Greg Schirf opened Wasatch Brewery, the first brewpub in Utah. Schirf traveled from Milwaukee to Utah to find a serious lack of craft beer and decided to make some changes. At first, Schirf could not legally sell beer directly to his customers who were really craving a cold one. So, in 1988, Schirf proposed a bill to the Utah legislature making brewpubs legal in Utah and opened the first of many to come at the top of historic Main Street in the resort town of Park City.  


Craft Beer Revolution of SLC

Thanks to Schirf, brewpubs began to bubble up all over the Beehive State. Squatters Craft Beers was one of the first, established in 1989 by longtime business partners and friends, Jeff Polychronis and Peter Cole. They noticed that brewpubs were the place to be in the Pacific Northwest and hoped to develop a similar culture in Salt Lake City. Squatters took off in Downtown SLC and the craft beer scene grew into a thriving and collaborative community.  


This is the place

So, when Schirf leased a warehouse in Salt Lake City, it just made sense for him to connect with fellow craft beer revolutionaries Polychronis and Cole to join forces and help each other grow. In 2002, Wasatch and Squatters formed the Utah Brewer’s Cooperative and began sharing the warehouse space where both breweries continue to produce their award-winning and delicious beer to this day. As someone once said, “this is the place.” 

Meet the Brew Crew

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How it Started

Rachel Bell

Employee Health and Safety Specialist
How it Started

Dave McKean

Quality Manager
How it Started

David Miller

Director of Operations
How it Started

Emily Ables

Marketing Coordinator
How it Started

Kristin Martino

Marketing Manager
How it Started

Jimmy Brown

Market Manager
How it Started

Darren Penman

Regional Sales Director
How it Started

Libby Taylor

Taproom Manager/Beeroness