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Utah’s Original Microbreweries
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In 1986, Wasatch Brewery was born in Park City as the first, and only, craft brewery in Utah. Wasatch sparked the craft beer revolution that’s since taken the state by storm, and soon enough Squatters Craft Beers joined the ranks in Salt Lake City. Wasatch and Squatters became sister-breweries in 2002 when they formed the Utah Brewers Cooperative and the rest is history (with a lot more to come).


Good For What Ale’s You

Squatters Craft Beers joined Utah’s craft beer revolution in 1989 in the heart of Salt Lake City and have never looked back. From our 147 West IPA series named after where it all started to our fan-favorites that have been brewed since the 90’s, the Squatters legacy is here to stay.

cooler of beers next ot a mountain bike
Squatters Juicy IPA_12 Oz Can-361x600-fee2aae
Squatters 147 West_Cold Hazy_Can-361x600-fee2aae
last one down lager next to a hiking boot
Wasatch Ghostrider IPA_Can-361x600-fee2aae
Wasatch Mango IPA_Can-361x600-fee2aae
Wasatch brewery logo

You Never Forget Your First

Wasatch Brewery’s story started when Greg Schirf moved to Utah from Milwaukee in the early 80s and was shocked to find no craft breweries (as any self-respecting Midwesterner would be). Seeing this for the problem that it was, he took matters into his own hands, and thus Wasatch Brewery was born in 1986.

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