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Turning Beer into Energy: Our Commitment to Sustainability

Utah houses insanely beautiful landscapes and a flourishing community of outdoor enthusiasts, so as a Utah-based brewery we naturally care deeply about the environment. Unfortunately, the air quality in Salt Lake Valley is some of the worst in the country and our namesake lake is shrinking every year due to climate change. Sustainability practices are necessary to keep our beautiful state–the people in it–happy and healthy. Our goal is to make Squatters & Wasatch Brewery as sustainable as possible and contribute as little to local pollution as we can.

At Squatters & Wasatch Brewery, we work with Wasatch Resource Recovery to recycle our beer and beer can waste into biogas, a form of energy. Follow David Miller, our Brewery Operations Manager, as he explains exactly what happens in this recycling process and how our brewery’s waste directly benefits homes and businesses in Salt Lake City.